What you didn’t know about THIS picture

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Recognize this photo? Ever wonder why every picture of Nessie looks like it was taken with a toy camera? Coincidence?? As it turns out, this photo was admittedly a fake by one of three friends who planned the hoax. Story time: Before his death at the age of 90, Christian Spurling confessed to his taking part in a plot to create the now-famous Surgeon’s Photo. According to Spurling, it was his stepfather who requested that he make a model of a realistic serpent. Spurling, obedient as he was, made the model which was later photographed in Loch Ness.  ——————– “We’ll give them their monster,” Spurling’s son remembered him saying. But there’s no mystery here! Winning on Loch Ness Loot is easier than spotting Nessie herself! If you like to bet BIG and win BIG, Loch Ness Loot is an especially good slot for you! www.slotsgarden.com 12004113_1501898746769121_2658756958121946815_n