Subject: No movie magic here….Just magic.

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After 166k, that’s a wrap!

He became a huge celebrity on the small screen…


Michael H. from Hollywood used his break time to play a few rounds in between shoots. That’s movie lingo for filming. 😉

He could have been doing a period piece like La Bamba or the Buddy Holly Story, because when he logged in with his phone he went straight to the still-new Big Bopper game.

At 12:07pm he starts at 15 bucks a spin. In under 2 minutes he wins 241.50.

Now that he’s made a profit, he DOUBLES his bets to 30 a spin.

In just 5 spins he wins: 0, 0, 0, 70, 150 and a Re-spin Feature. It pays him another 510.

Less than a minute later he’s up 72 and hits another Re-spin Feature for 450.

Next spin, nothing. Spins again, hits a HUGE Feature for $1,660 total.

Now that he’s got the bankroll, he ups his bets again. Bet big to win big!

At 150 a turn, he spins at 12:25pm.

At 12:27pm he’s won a  otal of $5,340.

Still at 125 a spin, he hits 7 zeros in a row.

The 8th spin wins 300.

The 9th spin hits 72 combinations for massive $166,200.00.

All on his lunch break. On The Big Bopper


True story.