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General Questions:

How do I get my Welcome Bonus?

To get your welcome bonus, follow these steps:

On Mobile:

  1. Create your account
  2. Login
  3. Click top right menu
  5. Enter code SLOTS100
  6. Deposit and enjoy a 100% match bonus

On Desktop:

  1. Create your account
  2. Login
  3. Go to cashier
  4. Click Bonus tab
  5. Select your bonus and click REDEEM COUPON
  6. Deposit and enjoy
Does the casino support U.S. players?

Yes, absolutely. In fact we successfully process a higher percentage of instant deposits from U.S. customers than most of our competitors.

What countries are not able to open an account?

Customers from the certain countries are presently unable to join or may be restricted to play without receiving promotional offers from the casino. You may download country restrictions list as a Word document or view the list as a PDF file.

Deposit Questions

How do I make a deposit to my account?

Upon opening your account you will receive your Real Money Account Name (also called a username) and password. You are now ready to make a deposit into your Slots Garden account.

On Mobile:

  1. Login to Slots Garden
  2. Go to the menu on the top right hand corner
  3. Press DEPOSIT
  4. Select preferred method

On Desktop:

  1. Login to Slots Garden
  2. Click CASHIER
  3. Click on DEPOSIT tab
  4. Select preferred method

Generally, credit card or debit card deposits made in Canada, the UK or EU countries that use the Euro will be converted into and charged to your card in US dollars. The conversion rate applied will be the daily rate used by our bank. Once the deposit has been approved, you will be sent your transaction ID and the amount deposited in US dollars. In some circumstances, the deposit will be charged in US dollars at the rate used by your issuing bank.

Slots Garden uses the latest encryption and protection technologies, to ensure that your financial information is completely secure. You can feel confident submitting your Credit Card details on our secure form, in fact, it's safer than using your Credit Card at your local gas station or ordering a pizza!

Email Casino Support:

Deposit Questions:

General Questions:

What deposit methods can I use?

Below is a list of each deposit method that is offered by Slots Garden. For complete instructions on how to make a deposit using any of the methods from the list, please contact us.

Payment Methods:

  • Visa $50 - $1,000 per transaction
  • Credit Card Deposit by Telephone or Live Chat $50 - $5,000 per day
  • Cash Transfer (CONTACT US for this option) $50 - $1,350 per transaction

Customer Support: For assistance regarding Slots Garden deposit methods, please for Live Help.

Deposit Questions:

General Questions:

How long does it take to process my casino deposit?

In most cases your Deposit at Slots Garden will be processed immediately, but deposits made by cash transfer can take up to 20 minutes for verification. In certain unusual cases your Deposit could take up to 24 hours to process.

If for any reason your Deposit is not approved, you will be notified by Email within a few minutes.

Customer Support: For assistance regarding Slots Garden deposit methods, please for Live Help.

Deposit Questions:

General Questions:

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

We strongly recommend using Slots Garden's secure Online Credit Card system. It is fast, user friendly, and completely secure. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for securing our transaction servers and MD5 encryption technology for data transfer. It is safer than using your Credit Card at your local gas station or when ordering a pizza over the telephone.

However, if you prefer, at Slots Garden we do offer the option of calling in with your details or contacting us via live chat.

Customer Support: For assistance regarding Slots Garden deposit methods, please for Live Help.

Deposit Questions:

General Questions:

What will appear on my credit card statement?

In order to provide safe, secure and fast transactions Slots Garden employs the services of a number of secure processors. Due to the high volume of transactions we handle every day, you may see a different billing descriptor depending on the processor securing your transaction.

If you would like more specific information on how your transaction will be displayed on your bank statement, please call us and we can provide you with the most up to date descriptors.

Does Slots Garden require documentation for deposits?

Slots Garden does require all players to fill out a Credit Card Agreement Form and provide a copy of a Government issued ID as well as a copy of your utility bill. Please scan back to us as soon as possible to:


Credit Card Agreement Form

Slots Garden may allow several deposits before requesting these documents, however to avoid any problems or delays with your deposits, please get this document filled out and emailed back to us as soon as possible.

Customer Support: For assistance regarding Slots Garden deposit methods, please for Live Help.

Deposit Questions:

General Questions:

How do I make a crypto/Bitcoin deposit?

Depositing with cryptocurrencies is very easy thanks to our quick-deposit window on the Lobby, select one of the available cryptocurrencies in our Cashier (Bitcoin or Litecoin for instance), a QR code will pop up, and a Crypto Address will be displayed for you to easily proceed with your transaction. After verifying your transaction on the blockchain, your account will be credited in an instant to a few minutes.

And if you need a little more help with crypto transactions, check out our all-inclusive Bitcoin Guide on how to set up a crypto wallet, purchase your crypto, and make your first crypto/Bitcoin deposit with us.

How long does it take for my crypto/Bitcoin deposit to reflect in my account?

That depends on how quickly your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. However, our average deposit speed on our site is rarely over 10 minutes, and in most cases, far less. Once you’ve deposited into your Punt account, your funds should reflect within a few minutes, if not instantly.

Where can I buy crypto/Bitcoin to deposit at Slots Garden?

That’s an easy one Coinbase! We suggest using a trusted crypto exchange and wallet, and Coinbase is certainly the most popular among players. See our Casino Bitcoin Guideon how to set up your Coinbase account and purchase your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Is Bitcoin gambling safe and anonymous?

Yes, it is. Your transactions, deposits and withdrawals at our Casino are totally anonymous thanks to the power of crypto. Your private banking or credit card details stay safe as they are not required when performing transactions. Only your crypto deposit addresses are needed, which do not contain any of your personal info.

Do you want to learn how to deposit with Bitcoin on our website?

Watch this video tutorial and follow the easy steps!

If you need more details on how to use Crypto, click here.

Payout Questions

How do I request my winnings?

To withdraw from your Slots Garden account, please login to the Casino using your Account Name and Password, and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the 'Cashier' button in the Slots Garden Lobby.
  2. Once in the Cashier, click on the 'Withdraw' tab.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to Withdraw.
  4. From the options on the left, please select the method by which you wish to receive your Payout.
  5. Fill out any required information in regards to the withdraw method you have chosen.
  6. Click the 'WITHDRAW' button.

You may now check your Account History, by clicking on the 'Account History' tab and monitor the status of your withdrawal.

Payouts requested by the same method within 24 hours may be combined in one payment.

What payout method can I use?

Withdrawal options are subject to change due to availability, but we do offer the following options as standard. Additional options may be used as they become available (e.g. Neteller). The latest withdrawal options will always be displayed in the Slots Garden software.

Standard withdrawal options:

  • Bank Wire
  • Bank Checks
  • Cash Transfer

If you should have any questions or concerns please contact our support team by e-mail at or via live chat.

How long does it take to receive my winnings?

Slots Garden prides itself on providing prompt payouts. Withdrawal times may vary due to processor availability, but the general time-frame for withdrawals is 10 business days to be approved and 7 business days to be sent, plus the delivery time. Please be sure to check out terms and conditions to verify the timelines for receiving your withdrawal. Requests must be made through the casino cashier. Simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw, select a withdrawal method from the left hand side of the cashier screen, and we will notify you by email when your withdrawal is requested, approved and sent.

A maximum of $2,500 will be sent per week. All balances will be sent the following week(s). This amount may vary due to processor availability.

The minimum allowed withdrawal amount is $100.00. All withdrawals by check or money transfer may be subject to a processing fee.

In order to ensure the security of your withdrawal, Slots Garden may require certain ID verification for withdrawals, including a completed copy of our Credit Card Agreement Form

Documentation will be requested any time you use a new card, or as often as once every six months. Our Accounting or Withdrawals Departments may need you to send in updated copies or your required documentation from time to time. This is for your security as well as ours, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Can I reverse my payout after requesting it?

Withdrawal requests may be canceled and returned to your Casino account at anytime before they are processed. Once your withdrawal has been processed, it can no longer be reversed.

In order to process a reversal of a payout request, you must contact our customer support team by e-mail us at or via Live Chat.

What is Slots Garden's payout policy?

As part of our commitment to providing truly superior service, Slots Garden makes every effort to ensure that your payout request is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The following is an explanation of how the withdrawal process works as well as the Slots Garden policy:

  • At Slots Garden, the method(s) by which we pay your withdrawal is directly dependent upon the payment method(s) by which you have submitted your deposit(s) in the past, and the amounts of those deposit(s).
  • Players depositing by Credit Card will be paid by either check or cash transfer. Payment method may vary from withdrawal to withdrawal.
  • Payouts requested within the same 24 hour period as the deposit, via the same payment method, may be combined as one payment.
  • If you have not actively used your chosen payment method to deposit to your account for more than 12 months, this payout option may no longer be available.
  • If your payout request is for less than the minimum allowable amount (listed below) the funds will be returned to your casino balance.
  • The minimum allowable withdrawal for ALL PAYOUT METHODS is $100.
  • Your authorization or some documentation will be required to process your payout request, and we may ask that you sign a list of your previous deposits to your Slots Garden account.
  • Slots Garden reserves the right to delay and/or stop the processing of payout requests until final approval has been received for any outstanding deposit transactions.
  • Winnings come from deposits using bonuses may be cashed out only after all bonus requirements have been satisfied.

*Note that payments sent in check form must be deposited within 30 days of receipt. Slots Garden accepts no responsibility for checks deposited after this time frame. Depending on your relationship with your financial institution, there can be a clearing period of up to 45 days on deposited checks.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support team by e-mail at or via live chat.

Important Info Regarding Withdrawals Which Require Stop Payments
  • Stop Payment will be requested by Slots Garden.
  • Once the Stop Payment has been confirmed by the third party processing company, the withdrawal funds will be re-deposited back into the players account.
  • Player will be contacted at the phone number and email address the Casino has on file to inform them about the returned funds.
  • Should an address update/correction be required the Casino will request an updated Utility Bill reflecting the new address where the withdrawal needs to be sent to.
  • You will then need to re-request the withdrawal and wait the standard time frame for Bank Check withdrawals.
Are there rules for withdrawing through Bitcoin?

Yes, but nothing too serious. You might need to provide a photo I.D. when requesting your cashout, so make sure you have this at hand to speed up the process.

The withdrawal process with Bitcoin is easy, all you need to do is provide a valid Bitcoin crypto wallet address. And it has never been faster to get paid, once the payment is issued, funds will be in your crypto wallet within minutes!