Turn 14 bucks into thousands

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Got a minute? Turn it into 33k!   Luck is like lightning; You don’t know when or where it’s going to hit.   When G.H. from Arkansas logged in to play Naughty or Nice yesterday, little did he know it would be the most profitable one minute of his life! He began his session at exactly 12 on the dot. Playing $1 a spin. After 2 spins, he wins 0. Next spin wins 50¢, while the one after hits nothing. Another spins wins 1.70. Then, eight spins in a row earn him a doughnut hole. Next spin wins 1.80. On his next spin, after just one minute and $14, he wins… $33,068.93! Random jackpots get hit all the time. You just have to play to win them. True story.