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The Secret To Winning Big On Slots

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Tip #1 The Secret To Winning Big On Slots? There are TWO things to do to win the big jackpots: 1. Find the game with the HIGHEST JACKPOT amount. Jackpots hit RANDOMLY, so you might as well be on a BIG jackpot machine when it does hit. And by the way, the biggest jackpots are usually in the DOWNLOAD. 2. To win the big jackpot, you must ALWAYS bet ALL lines! Your bet can be any denomination that you want, but always hit ALL the lines. You WILL thank me for this one later. The fastest and most fun and probably most profitable way to find the biggest jackpots (they not always advertised on the homepage)? See the next Players Tips emails. Get on those life changing jackpots NOW. Deposit 30 USD (or more) and you’ll get a 100% slots bonus for an extra 30 bucks. That’s 60 dollars to play slots with. Go to the cashier, click on COUPON and enter PLAYERTIP1. Make your deposit and you’ll have an extra 100% more to play slots with. Then let me know how this works for you afterwards by dropping me a note at I’ll be sure to drop a surprise in your account when you do!