The most poisonous tree in the world

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“Ancient times were truly a crazy era to live in. From the times of Cleopatra, Achilles or even Caesar’s Empire it was not uncommon to die by poisoning in your food or beverage as others attempted to take your job! Not even kidding! Nowadays you don’t have to worry about that…or do you? Well let me introduce you to The Tree of Death. flickr-scotthughes It looks so harmless, so normal that you’d never believe what it does. You have to be as careful with this one as the ancient Caesars were with their comrades. Even touching its bark can leave you with chemical burns, although the worst part lies in its fruit. Ingesting it can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. LyraEDISServlet There are even stories of Caribbean tribes using the sap as a torture method. After tying their captives to the tree, they would wait for the rain to wash the tree’s highly water-soluble sap over their body. Once contact with skin it was made it caused blistering, burning and severe irritation. 12663657315_c6cb38a325_z_1 You might be thinking, “Just burn that thing!” That’s a big no-no since its smoke can cause severe irritation and temporary blindness. But don’t worry, the most dangerous thing coming from a tree near you could be a squirrel turd, so sit back relax and revisit ancient times playing Cleopatra’s Gold, Achilles or Caesar’s Empire without worrying about a poisoned booze!”