The David Bowie Legacy

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The world of High Fashion has lost an important icon, Mr. David Bowie. As many currently chant: “His legacy will live on!” we can see part of it in a cameo he did for the movie Zoolander: But that’s not the only movie he was in. We also saw him in the movie The Prestige, incarnating Nicola Tesla: He revolutionized the fashion world in a way no one can ever forget. Even to this day, many celebrities “borrow” some of his style like Sasha Grey seen here sporting one of Bowie’s iconic looks: 11215169_964945203544880_7197836495807281831_n The colorful High Fashion world turns black for a moment reminding us that you only live once. That’s why you must enjoy every single moment you’re alive. Now, sit back and play High Fashion to the tune of Mr. Bowie’s “Heroes”