T.P. From East Texas Turns Tycoon Overnight

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T.P. from East Texas was just hanging out last night after watching the usual Thursday night line-up on TV. 9:29pm. And being a good old boy, he naturally logged in to play Texan Tycoon. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? His first bet was for 2.50. Right away, he ups his bet to 6.25. A bold move, but it pays off. Ten spins later he hits his first Feature which pays him: 1.50, 3.75, 18, 79.50, 115.50 and 116.25. Next spin wins him 18.75 plus another Feature. This Feature pays him: 1.50, 3.75, 3.75, 4.50, 7.50, 7.50, and 18.75. At 9:37, things start slowing down. Ten spins later T.P. has only won 16.25. But he sticks with 6.25 a spin. At 9:38 he plays 14 hands and only wins 33 total. Now, at 9:39 he manages to squeeze in 17 spins winning only 22.50. Seems like he’s on a losing streak. At 9:40 he spins and hits 4.25. Then, 0. Another spins wins him 6.25. Then 1.25. And finally, he hits the Texan Tycoon jackpot for… $74,934.08. True story. Everyday is a good day to play, in the  Garden.