Muggles try to do an Alan Rickman impression

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Alan Rickman’s voice was arguably the British acting legend’s most distinctive feature. He had the perfect timbre A voice that good inspires one thing: lots and lots of impressions. From Benedict Cumberbatch doing “Candle in the Wind,” Rickman-style, to this famous Jimmy Fallon clip, here are some of the best impressions we’ve found. Of course, none of them can really hold a candle to the man himself. Benedict Cumberbatch sang the Elton John classic “Candle in the Wind” as Rickman on the French and Saunders Show. We’d all love Alan Rickman on our voicemail. From the Avengers blooper reel, Tom Hiddleston’s best Rickman. Steve Coogan giving us the low-down on to how to nail a successful Rickman impression. British actor John Sessions rolling out those famous Die Hard lines. And the definitive impression … the Rickman-off on The Tonight Show. “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Rickman’s revenge