Here’s how to turn 127 into $100k in an hour!

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Amanda P. from the great state of Texas, proved again that new games pay out…big time. She started her session at 2:18pm with just $127 in her account. The game? Super 6, barely a week old. She starts at 3 a spin. After 10 spins she only wins 1 dollar. On her 11th spin, she hits 6 bucks and a free game Feature. The Feature pays her: .60, 3.20, and 360. Balance climbs to 464. Now that she has some house money, she doubles her bet amount to 7.50 a spin. (A winning strategy we’ve been touting for months now.) The next 16 spins win her 11.25 and 15. But the 17th hits another feature which wins her 169. Amanda doubles her bet again, 15 a spin. Over the next 10 minutes, there are some ups, but mostly downs. Despite this, she still has 407 in her account so she sticks with the strategy. After 10 spins she wins 120. Five more spins yield zip. Next spin hits 30 plus a Feature. Feature pays her: 30, 112, 630, 2115, and 10,125! With over 13k in her account, she can afford 30 a spin. (Way to go!) Over the next 10 minutes she only wins: 60, 8, 82, and 112. Next spin hits 360, so what does she do? Amanda doubles her bet to 75 a spin. After 22 spins she wins 837.50 and hits another Feature. No luck on the Feature. She spins again and hits 300. That’s enough for her to double up again, 150 a spin. Now things start paying out HUGE. On base games, she wins: 150, 225, 600, 300, 5, 2720 then a Feature. At 3:20pm, the Feature pays out: 450, 600, 1000, 1100, 3000, 9600 and $74,100.00! She’s up $102,889.30 just 1 hour after starting with $127. True story. Every day is a good day to play, in the Garden.