Dog that looks like a… pig?

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It’s not Photoshop, it’s “Pig the Unusual Dog.” pig2 We’ve seen Ocean Oddities from the deep but here’s one right from the Henhouse. Meet Pig the Unusual Dog, proof that you CAN be happy and enjoy life…. no matter what you look like. 66576_1656928174580485_2769488852781797491_n This dog is NOT a Photoshop job, but “Pig” has a rare condition known as “short-spine syndrome.” Pig, who has almost 100,000 ‘likes’ on his Facebook page (Yes, he has his own FB page:, makes regular updates posted on his page for his steadfast fans. Science has little known facts about Pig’s disease and, although the condition can make activities like walking and eating difficult, it apparently does not affect his lifespan. Dog, pig or something in -between, he’s certainly welcome to guard the fortunes hidden in our Henhouse! pig1