BIG winner in our brand new game

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Big winner last night on the new Eternal Love. See how he walks away with $65k.

Lots of players think that new games are luckier. Pay out more.
Often seems that way to us too!

8:00 last night, a player in California sees the email announcing Eternal Love, released just yesterday.

Logins to give it a try. She knows her games and likes high volatility, so plops down $30 a spin to see what happens…

Lucky. After four spins, hits her first feature. Doubles her bankroll.

8:13. Line pays $3125. Ups her bet to $75 a spin. Good strategy.

8:21. Another free games feature. It’s a long one but spin and after spin after spin, it’s giving her NOTHING. A few bucks, couple hundred here and there. Spin sixty-eight, nothing. Spin sixty-nine, 12.50.

Spin number 70: hits $6600.

Ups her bet to $150 a spin. Smart! And it’s house money anyway.

A few small features, a few good lines. Then, at 8:55, hits a feature that pays:

Nice. Stays on $150 a spin.

9:23. Hits another long long feature run. Sits through fifty-eight “extended life” games.

The 59th spin? $22,500.00

9:45. Stands up from her PC. Her account is up $64,983.25.

The new Eternal Love.

On your cellphone, PC or Mac

Go get it.