A little good advice can make you rich. See?

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Hillary M. from sunny California has clearly been taking our play advice because she won HUGE. She started @ 7.50 a spin. The game? Eternal Love. A relatively new game. Five spins in she hits a Feature and wins 120. Five minutes later and not much has happened. But instead of betting less, she doubles to 15 a spin. 16 spins later, she hits another Feature. It pays: 1.50, 7.50, 7.50, 5, and 870. One minute later, another Feature that pays 150, 15.50, and 375. Two spins later, another Feature for 115. Just four minutes later, still at 15 a spin, she hits game Feature for 411, 37.50, and 5. Next two spins, 0. Next spin, 30 plus another Feature. This one pays her: 1,570.50. With all this money in her account, she doubles her bet again, 30 a spin. Super smart and just in time! First spin, returns 0. Second spin wins 60 and another Feature. No joke. This time it pays Hillary: 48 74 44 5 8 5 and… $43,800.00. With less than 400 to play with, she was able to grow her account to over $47,266.44. Without a jackpot hit. It’s always a good day to play, in the Garden.