$15,288.57. In just 23 Minutes After Logging In

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After an early night on the town in Austin, Robert H. from Texas drove home ready to kick off his shoes. He got home, poured himself a shot of Honey Jack Daniel’s over ice and logged in with his phone. It was 9:15pm when his session began. Blame the booze, because he starts playing Honey to the Bee at $100 a spin! Crazy brave since he only had $500 in his account thanks to a 250% bonus he redeemed earlier that day. His first spin wins 0. Second, hits 0. Third, 0. Fourth, 0. But since this is a medium volatility game that pays as you play, he stays at 100 a spin. His potentially last spin hits 150. Saved. Next spin wins 415. He can breathe again. Spins again, no luck. But he stands firm. Then, 95, 165, 0, and 575. With 835 in his account, he celebrates with another shot….and another spin!   Six spins win 0. Uh-oh.   What does he do? Spins again.   Hits a lucky streak pocketing 125, 240, 95, and 425. Up 1,120. Next 4 spins hits zip. Fifth spin wins 320. Next spin he hits $15,288.57. In just 23 minutes after logging in.   It’s always a good day to play at the Garden.