14 spins every day is a BIG deal…

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It’s small. It’s Lilliputian, in fact, it’s downright tiny. But the jackpots are HUGE. And they fit in your pocket.

Small Fortune is the Every Day Spins game of the week.

And trust me, you won’t mind these little critters at your next picnic. Or in your pocket.

Starting today, you’ll get 7 free spins to win the Small Fortune jackpot when you play on your cell phone.

You know, that thing in your pocket.

And to sweeten the deal, you’ll get 7 additional spins when you login and play with your PC or Mac.

That’s 14 spins on the house each and every day to win a jackpot.

No matter who you are, that’s huge!

Chase the Small Fortune jackpot now.